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The THC/CBD Distillate Cartridge is a discreet solution for both novice and seasoned cannabis users. Each Cartridge contains 360mg of THC distillate and 360mg of CBD. Take a slow pull and wait to feel the effects before proceeding. Tetra Technologies Honey Oil is another common form of cannabis oil. Some oils are produced for powerful psychoactive effects and others strictly for food infusion or topical applications, Tetra Honey oil can be used for all of these applications.

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THC/CBD Raw Honey Oil Distillate from BPY Canada’s Best Online Dispensary

1:1 Honey oil (380mg THC :380mg CBD)

This is the perfect oil to vape with. Made by Tetra Technologies, They use sub-zero temperatures with short contact times to extract this amazing blend of cannabinoids. Made using dimethyl carbinol it comes out with a clear golden tint, We are able to extract a true cannabinoid and terpene profile using this process to obtain a natural tasting oil with nothing artificially added.

Lab Reports

Raw Distillate Lab Report

From Tetra Technologies

We work closely with experienced cultivators to ensure the highest quality materials, allowing for the highest quality extractions. This ensures that only the best class of flower ever finds itself in our products. From our cherry oil to our distillate, nothing leaves our facility without accompanying test results. We have standard operating practices and weekly testing which allows us to ensure our quality is never compromised.

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