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Lemon Lime Kush



Lemon Lime Kush is a tasty, indica dominant hybrid with a fantastic smell. This bud usually has a moderate THC level ranging from 19-22% and a CBD level of 1.5-2%, but I believe this batch to be higher. Recommended as a night time strain, great for a movie and some munchies.

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Lemon Lime Kush is a tasty strain of marijuana. It is a hybrid between O.G Kush and Lemon Joy, which is Indica dominant. It is visually appealing and the trichromes are highly pronounced in it giving it a glazed, shiny look. The overall appearance of the strain is well-cut if the nug has been well maintained. The Lemon Lime Kush has a very strong smell, which reminds a person of citrusy fruits such as lemon and limes, as the name suggests. The aroma permeates through the area if it is smoked in small enclosed spaces. The smoke has a pronounced clean fresh smell, which is very sharp and can affect other people present in the room as well. The taste has been defined as spicy and hits you with a blast of pepper with strong lemony undertones. Smoking Lemon Lime Kush can elevate spirits almost instantly which descends into calming therapy-like effects as quickly as it gets you high.

This batch of Lemon Lime Kush is a heavy hitter. It can be used to treat anxiety, restlessness and lost appetites. It lifts spirits and accentuates the auditory, visual and aromatic senses. If you’re looking for something for the evening with some punch, I highly recommend it.

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  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Wesley (verified owner)

    Very interesting smell! Good smoke, pretty strong high considering the price point. I smoke a healthy 2 grams a day through bongs and it definitely did the trick. So far so good!

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