Cannabis Pre-Rolls by Scout


Five 0.5g Pre-Rolls | 2.5g/Pack

Scout is a conveniently packaged pack of 5 cannabis pre-rolls that are ready to go anywhere.   Above all, Scout Pre-Rolls are thoughtfully curated with the highest of standards and are precisely rolled using naturally grown grade AAAA BC cannabis.  Each package contains 5 high-quality cannabis pre-rolls to compliment your healthy, balanced, fun-loving lifestyle.  In other words, there is never a bad time to spark up a Scout Cannabis Pre-Rolled Joint.



Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Cannabis Pre-Rolls by Scout | Five per Pack

Scout is a Canadian cannabis company based in British Columbia that is about having a good time with friends while supplying top quality cannabis, pre-rolled into a vintage-inspired package.  Be it evening beach parties, backyard BBQ’s, or simply just to have 5 pre-rolls ready for yourself, Scoutalways delivers.  The grade AAAA cannabis used in these 5 packs is locally grown, with quality always on the mind.  With multiple strains of indica, sativa, and hybrid, there’s always a good time to spark a Scout Pre-rolls.

Laughing Buddha (Sativa)

This award-winning Sativa strain has a sweet fruity smell, with bits of spice that produces a thick pungent smoke This light Sativa will leave you happy and upbeat, even when you’re feeling blue.

Purple Nuken God (Indica)

An Indica whose lineage comes from God Bud, Kish and Purple Kish. With high THC levels, (up near 30%,) this strain is great for pain relief, anxiety, stress or sleep issues. A heavy Indica, best used at night!

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Laughing Buddha (Sativa), Purple Nuken God (Indica)


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