Cannabis Pre-Rolls from Renfrew Organics


Five 0.7 g Pre-Rolls | 3.5g/Pack

Renfrew Organics has put together these beautiful tins of 5 organic cannabis pre-rolls that are ready to go anywhere.   Unique strains grown with the highest of standards and are precisely rolled using naturally grown grade AAAA BC cannabis.  Each package contains 5 high-quality cannabis 0.7 gram pre-rolls to compliment your healthy, balanced, fun-loving lifestyle. The packaging is just beautiful as well, so these would make a fantastic gift for your favourite toker pals.

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Black Cherry Indica and Lime Chill Hybrid Cannabis Pre-Rolls by Renfrew Organics | Five per Pack

Grown in beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Renfrew Organics uses nothing but the finest no till organic cultivars. The no-till farming method increases the plants water absorption, as well as creates a healthy organic growing material. It is water-fed only, with no pesticides or hormones used. This organic cannabis comes in an attractive metal tin, ready to smoke or great to give as a gift. Renfrew Organics Pre-Rolls are a fantastic choice.

Lime Chill (Hybrid) – Cherry Lime OG x Red Lime

Cherry Lime OG explodes with terps like a molotov cocktail with a cherry bomb thrown into it. It’s heritage of Cherry Thai, Afghani, and Lost Coast OG outline the body and substance of effects you can expect. The sharp increase in cerebral euphoria of a Thai sativa, wedded to the corporal body numbing qualities of Afghan Kush and classic OG varietal Lost Coast OG.

Red Lime is a proprietary strain grown by Renfrew Organics

Black Cherry (Indica)

Black Cherry OG is an indica strain bred by Grand Daddy Purple that combines Ken’s OG with an unknown Granddaddy Purple hybrid. Dense buds take on an intense purple hue at the end of Black Cherry OG’s maturation and develop a sweet aroma like fruity tea. Relaxing full-body effects take over, ridding you of pain and insomnia while lifting the mood.

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Black Cherry OG, Lime Chill


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