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Great Quality Feminized Cannabis Seeds in Canada

You can just call us Cannabis Seeds Canada now because we have the best quality cannabis seeds in the country. We’re going to be constantly adding new strains over the coming months. Now that it is legal to grow up to 4 plants in your home in Canada (make sure to check your local bylaws!), we want to encourage you to grow your own!

What will I need to start growing my own weed?

You can start with very little, or with a fully decked out operation costing thousands of dollars. At the minimum, you need soil, water and sunlight! Here is a great writeup on getting started with a small indoor grow.

How big can cannabis plants grow?

Fully grown Cannabis Sativa plants can stretch to extraordinary heights of up to ~20 feet tall when grown outside or in a large green room. With proper pruning, it is very easy to keep plants as low to the ground as you need.

Are LED grow lights good or bad for growing weed?

LED grow lights work well when you use them as intended. That means utilizing the proper wattage output for your plants, hanging your light at the proper height, and giving your light a chance to rest after 18 hours of use. With LEDs being a somewhat new technology, some old school growers may still be skeptical or curious if LED grow lights work. You don’t need to look far to determine the answer is a resounding yes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing hydroponic weed?

Growing medical marijuana using hydroponic growing techniques has its perks and downfalls, including:


  • Much bigger yields than the previous methods.
  • Cleaner because no soil is used.


  • Costs a lot more because it requires troughs, pumps, and reservoirs to hold the water/fertilizer mixture.
  • Requires a lot more labor. You will need to monitor pH and nutrient levels to make sure they stay within proper limits.
  • It takes more equipment. Therefore it may take more room.

Staff Favourites

Highest THC Strain

1. Girl Scout Cookies Strain

With this choice, you’ll get big, robust plants generously coated in large, swollen buds hardened with more than enough resin to make them feel surprisingly heavy in your hand. The strong, heady aroma adds to the exceptional bag appeal of Gorilla Glue’s dried flowers.

  • Yield: Lower
  • Price: $65/5 seeds
  • THC Level: 25%+
Girls Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds from Dr Seeds
Girls Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds from Dr Seeds

Easy to Grow

2. Moby Dick Strain

Growers appreciate Moby Dick’s reliable performance, relatively short flowering time, incredibly high yields and high resistance to mold. The extra THCV in Moby Dick accentuates the THC pushing the psychoactivity of the finished product further than you’d expect.

  • Yield: High
  • Price: $65/5 Seeds
  • THC Levels: 20%
Moby Dick Cannabis Seeds by Dr Seeds
Moby Dick Cannabis Seeds by Dr Seeds

Best For Outdoor Growers

3. Green Crack

After seven to nine weeks of flowering, this cannabis strain will produce a moderate to high yield of light-green buds with purple crystals. While it can be grown indoors and is prized for its high turnaround time, it does extremely well outside as well. It does best in a warm climate, which helps it thrive, and it can withstand most types of inclement weather.

  • Yield:  Average
  • Price: $65/5 Seeds
  • THC Levels: 16%
Gods Green Crack Cannabis Seeds from Dr Seeds.jpg
Gods Green Crack Cannabis Seeds from Dr Seeds.jpg

What our customers are saying about us!

Sydney Pickering
Sydney P.
Delivery was quick! Website very informative on the products they are selling and there was hardly any waste in terms of the packaging, usually companies use huge boxes for a small amount of product but not in this case.
Bud Durden
Bud D.
B & Y has been my go to online dispensary for almost two years now. It is really hard to beat the quality of their dry cannabis, specifically their quad level flower. I've always had great customer service and my product always ships quickly and discreetly.
Shawn Mcmurray
Shawn M.
I was referred to this company by a friend recently and am totally pleased with the service.My first order was for some Afghan hash which was delivered quickly and even better than I remember from the 70's.Store web site is very informative and well laid out.
cleo stracuzza
cleo S.
Really happy with my order, everything came really fast! Ordered a couple different products for my dog, happy with the selection and nice to have access to CBD products in Canada
Gin Jane Sung
Gin Jane S.
I have been getting CBD oil for my 16 years old dog through them for a few months. It helps with her joint, she is on a few supplements and this help her mobility. ordering is quick and easy, shipping is fast as well.
MJL Evans
I’ve really enjoyed the products, particularly the “Liger balm” and their website is easy to navigate. Quick delivery and everything was well packaged. Will buy from again.
Haida Bound
Haida B.
The product is good and the online customer support is quick but the order process is sluggish and slow. They rely heavily on the customer to keep the order inventory organized so expect to edit your recipient details for every etransfer you send. After you submit and pay for your order it can take up to 2 days or more to receive a tracking number and then another 3-4 days for delivery. So from ordering the product to receiving it can take 6-7 days.
Michael Higgins
Michael H.
Order was quick and easy! Ordered 14g and got 15g nice and dry bud, and they threw in a small block of hash! 2 day delivery!
Haida Bound
Haida B.
The product is good and the online customer support is quick but the order process is sluggish and slow. They rely heavily on the customer to keep the order inventory organized so expect to edit your recipient details for every etransfer you send. After you submit and pay for your order it can take up to 2 days or more to receive a tracking number and then another 3-4 days for delivery. So from ordering the product to receiving it can take 6-7 days.
I'm very pleased with the service I've received from Blue + Yellow. Delivery was fast, and the product (Zero THC) has helped from the first night. I will be ordering from here again.
Christina Chung
Christina C.
Very professional and friendly service! My first order arrived quickly and was well packaged. They carried all of the basics I was looking for and the prices were the best I could find. I recommend for first-time buyers as the shopping experience was great and products are of wonderful quality.
Rhaya Smith
Rhaya S.
Best Cannabis site I’ve ordered from. Service was quick(ordered Friday and came home to my order Monday.) great selection and customer service. Highly recommend. 👌
I'm new to all this, figured it's time to try some alternatives to prescription drugs. Having no idea where to begin, I asked a colleague (who's a boffin on weed extracts) - he said use "Blue and Yellow". I was nervous - because I'm old school, so I don't really want my name associated with Cannabis products. However, I am looking for relief for some conditions that have developed over the years .Anyhoo, there's no one-fits-all formula in alternative medicine, so I'm trying to figure out what will work for me. What I love about Blue+Yellow is the simplicity of looking for and understanding products. Once you've decided what you want, their service is streamlined and efficient. In this day and age of instant, they are about as close to instant as you can get. Payment is simple and not on CC, which I prefer, delivery is discrete.Recently, I made a huge mess of a payment, the guys at B&Y were helpful and patient - all my fault :-/, was quickly fixed... Things were on their way in no time at all. I strongly recommend them.
Carolyn Richardson
Carolyn R.
Very professional customer service, large selection of products and good, fair prices. Everything I get from them is high quality and delivered within 3 days, including the day of order. Just follow the directions for the e-transfer closely.
Heidi Schlick
Heidi S.
Blue+Yellow is the best place to order any cannabis related products. I have epilepsy and their hybrid blueberry cbd tincture has been amazing. It relaxes me and comes into affect quickly. One of the best things about this company is they’re very friendly and they make sure that your product comes to you fast. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’ll never buy from anywhere else! Thanks Yellow+Blue!
Micheal Greene
Micheal G.
this site is one of three I use and I can say this one is reasonably priced with an amazing selection of products! So many great CBD products! I have had great interactions with individuals from blue+yellow through email and they have been kind and knowledgeable. Delivery is quick! Usually two nights. Love the bonus goodies added to orders, thanks for that! Just great products and a great experience! Thanks Blue+Yellow!!
Elizabeth Ayearst
Elizabeth A.
First time in ordering from Blue+Yellow but did email them a few times prior to ordering. Great customer service as rec'd a return email in 1 day. Ordered 3 different items - all arrived via Canada Post Express within 3 days in an unmarked box. Great service - 5 stars for sure!
Vicky Kuntz
Vicky K.
Blueplusyellow is awesome!! I’m a first time customer using products for pain. I’m getting relief which is beyond awesome!! Very quick shipping and super to deal with. Will be purchasing more product from them in the future! Thank you so much for great product that is working!!
Jeff Flynn
Jeff F.
First time ordering, was skeptical, sounded too good to be true, but it was exactly as advertised. I got exactly what I ordered and very quickly. The weed was a little damp, but still good. Hash was absolutely great, hadn’t had that in years. Communication was not only fast, but very friendly and informative. I spread the word and already have a buddy that placed an order. He also loves the fact that you can pick your quantity and sample more stuff that way.Awesome!
Katie Howard
Katie H.
Great Canadian company. I have done a lot of research and this is the only place I have found that has the absolute best quality products. Worth every penny! The people here stand behind their product and offer you all the necessary information you could ever need! I will definitely be shopping here again!