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Our name should be Shatter Canada because we have carry the best quality cannabis concentrates in the country. We hand select each batch of Shatter we get from some of BC’s best growers. Shatter is a brittle glass like extract that has become famous from Dabbing and using in Vape Pens.

What is shatter?

A relatively new way to enjoy your cannabis through smoking, shatter came onto the marijuana scene in the early 2010’s and has given consumers a whole new way to appreciate their favourite strains in their purest form. 

A form of cannabis extract, shatter is a hard, translucent glass-like concentrate whose purity can reach 90%. This potent product is created by extracting the marijuana plant’s essential oils, which contain the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. The term shatter specifically refers to the texture of this translucent cannabis concentrate that breaks and shatters in a glass-like way. 

Shatter is created by passing a solvent, such as butane, hexane, isopropyl, or CO2, through either cured or fresh cannabis material that has been thoroughly ground. This produces a nice thick, usually gold or amber-colored cannabis oil that is chock full of this wonderful plant’s active chemical compounds.

Next, all of the solvent used in the extraction process is purged from the shatter oil using heat and vacuum. The resulting cannabis concentrate is then processed into one of several potential forms, including wax, crumble, honeycomb, sap, budder, live resin, and of course, shatter.

Like other marijuana extracts, shatter is usually vaporized or “dabbed” from a vape pen or specially equipped water pipe called a “dab rig”. With the potency ranging from 50-90 % (usually closer to 90,) marijuana extracts like shatter are a fast, efficient, and most importantly, smoke-free way to consume cannabis.

How do you use Shatter?

To use your shatter in a vape pen, you’ll need to make sure that you have one that is specifically designed to be used with certain marijuana extracts like wax or shatter. These vapes have an atomizer, (that’s the vape pens heating element,) that will rapidly heat, bringing your shatter up to a temperature where you are able to vaporize it. 

Once you’ve made sure that you have the right equipment to vape shatter, all you have to do is add a small amount of your shatter to your vape pens heating chamber, as you would do with similar marijuana extracts. As the atomizer heats your shatter, you’ll see it will quickly melt and then turn to vapour, which you will then inhale from the mouthpiece of your vape pen.

Dabbing is the more traditional way to use marijuana shatter. When dabbing, pieces of shatter are applied or “dabbed” onto a hot surface like a hot titanium or ceramic nail or quartz bucket on your dab rig. The shatter will rapidly vaporize upon contact with the hot surface, so you have to act quick! As the shatter turns to vapour, inhale the vapour through the dab rig’s water chamber and into your lungs.

For most practical purposes, the difference between shatter and other forms of marijuana extract are minimal. These extracts are consumed in essentially the same way and largely have similar potency ranges. Most differences between cannabis extract types then are cosmetic, so maybe it’s time to try something new and add some shatter into your marijuana routine!

Staff Favourites


1. MK Ultra Shatter

A cross between mostly-sativa hybrid OG Kush and indica G-13, this strain has won 1st place Indica numerous times at different Cannabis shows. This Shatter is clear thin and flakey. It’s got a great smell and taste and you only need a small dab to get totally baked!

  • Sizes: 1g – 3.5g
  • Price: $50 – $150
  • THC Level: 80%
MK Ultra Shatter Canada
MK Ultra Shatter Canada


2. Super Lemon Haze Shatter

A sativa-dominant hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze and two-time Cannabis Cup winner from Green House Seeds. Super Lemon Haze is a kief-caked multi-coloured wonder.

  • Sizes: 1g – 3.5 g
  • Price: $60 – $165
  • THC Levels: 85+
Super Lemon Haze Shatter
Super Lemon Haze Shatter


3. Pink Kush Shatter

The potency of this strain could be considered overpowering, and even small doses are known to eliminate pain, insomnia, and appetite loss. Condensed down into a beautiful great tasting shatter, this product will blow your mind!

  • Size:  1g, 3.5g, 7g
  • Price: $50 – $250
  • THC Levels: 87+
Pink Kush Shatter
Pink Kush Shatter


4. Buzzed Extracts

We recommmend Mary’s for all those little pups out there, because it comes in the lowest dosage available at 125mg CBD. This is a premium CBD Oil made with wild Alaskan fish oil.

  • Sizes:  1g
  • Price: $50
  • THC Levels: 85+
  • Strains: Assorted
Shatter from Buzzed Extracts in assorted cannabis strains
Shatter from Buzzed Extracts in assorted cannabis strains

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